Buyers are the Best

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Real Estate

I have been in Real Estate over 23 years, and I represented a lot of people buying, and selling houses, condominiums, land, new homes, investment property, and rentals. Realtors can wear many hats and can specialize in many areas. I have chosen to focus on residential real estate. I love helping people, but the favorite part of my job is getting to work with buyers. The elderly couple that worked all their life in New York with the dream of someday retiring to Florida brings back fond memories of the day we found their dream retirement home. Lucky for me I was able to repeat this at least a hundred times. I also love working with young people buying their first home. The excitement and joy they have when they find the perfect home has often brought tears to my eyes. I have many wonderful stories, but I want to share some things that I feel set me apart from other Realtors.

I often ask this question when I work with folks retiring to Florida. “Paint me a picture of the lifestyle you want”. This really is the first step in making their dreams come true. Next is the budget they have for purchasing a house. After that we discuss the advantages of a single story versus a two story. Will the grandkids be coming down to visit and would a pool be something you’d desire? I find the more I know about the folks I am helping, and the more information I can share with them, the better the outcome. I believe in having processes in place to ensure a perfect transaction. It starts the first time I have a conversation with them and continues after the transaction is completed.

I would be remiss if I did not talk about first time home buyers. Many of the things I do are the same but often with first time home buyers we face different challenges. It is important they are prequalified for a mortgage, and I need to know what they are comfortable spending. I am lucky that I have at my disposal some wonderful mortgage brokers who can help me make dreams come true. I also ask are they looking for a home that is suitcase ready or would they be interested in a home with good bones but may need a little TLC.  I keep a list of recommended contractors I can share with them. These contractors can do everything from cleaning dryer vents to painting the interior. The best day for me is closing day because the young couple gets the keys to their new home. The happiness and excitement of that day are awesome. Knowing that I was able to share in this experience gives me tremendous satisfaction. I’m supremely lucky to do something I love, and every day is a new adventure. I guess of everything I do as a Realtor this is why I feel Buyers are Best.